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Washington STARS Classes

With over 200 courses in a broad range of topics from Autism to Working with Humor, you’re sure to find the classes you need! All our classes are approved for STARS/MERIT credit.

100’s of Courses

We offer hundreds of high-quality training classes on a wide range of popular topics, all accessible on any device, including tablets and phones

Whether you’re just getting started or a seasoned child care veteran, we offer the courses and credentials to help you be successful. Take advantage of all our offerings to make it easy and affordable, like our free classes, discounted state packages and special deals!

Child Care Basics for Support Staff

It provides a brief overview about the field of Early Learning and useful information to help you be successful in your job.

Creative Problem Solving

Learn how to think differently about issues and discover tools that may help you through the process. Learn about creative thinking vs strategic thinking and when to apply each.

Common Illnesses: What to Do

Discusses how to avoid contagious illnesses. Identifies common signs and symptoms of several common illnesses. Differentiates the cold and flu. Offers home treatment options and discusses when to call the doctor and when to stay home.

Animals in the Classroom

Animals can teach us so much about life and help children build both academic and social skills. Learn how to determine if an animal is right for your program and how to select the right pet. And if having an animal in your facility isn’t feasible, there are many other opportunities to teach children about the animal kingdom..

Causes of Childhood Obesity

This course will discuss some of the causes of childhood obesity as well as prevention activities, including exercise and appropriate nutritional habits.


For childcare providers interested in earning their Child Development Associate Credential (CDA), we provide the training to meet the early childhood education requirement.

Free Online Child care Courses

Try our free online child care classes, in a mobile-friendly format that allows you to access the classes on your tablet or phone.

Knowledge Collection

Complete your 10 hours of annual STARS training with these classes focusing on managing your child care business.

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